Why MiniGolf is the Ultimate First Date


The first date can be tough. Picking the right activity is crucial. There are countless options, ranging from free to extremely expensive. In my opinion, there is one clear front runner in this field: MiniGolf, or putt-putt golf.

MiniGolf will beat the pants off something like a movie every single time, here’s why:

Social Interaction

Instead of sitting and facing a screen for two hours, you are moving around and talking. The main thing you both remember from a date shouldn’t be the plot of the movie. If you have any personality, MiniGolf will work great for you.

MiniGolf gives you the chance to get to know each other, and opens the door for playful trash talk. The first date is, after all, usually about getting to know the other person, their personality, and whether or not a second date is in order.  You already know he/she is smoking hot, but MiniGolf is the perfect way to get them to open up and have fun!

Quick tip: don’t bust out your Ray Lewis trash talk on the first date. Save that for the 3rd or 4th date.

MiniGolf is Affordable

A MiniGolf round shouldn’t run more than $10 a person, with better deals available. Good luck finding a movie theater for that price. On top of the outrageous price for a ticket, you’re also likely buying a drink and popcorn. It can quickly run $50 if you’re covering your dates tab that night (and if you’re not, good luck on the 2nd date).

Anyone Can Play

This is one of the best aspects of MiniGolf. Any kind of person can enjoy a round. If you’re hyper-competitive, it is a great strategy game. If you want to mess around, you can do trick shots, play with your off hand, or try to throw the ball directly into the hole. For the most part, you can do whatever you want on a MiniGolf course, as long as you keep your pants on (or find a good hiding spot). On a date, this is clearly a great aspect. This means you can create a fun environment no matter what your date is like.

Depending on their style, you could even bring food and drink with you on the course. This beats a $18 popcorn and soda combo at the movie theater. If you take a girl to play MiniGolf, and she brings the flask, you’ve got yourself a keeper.


I must warn you, a MiniGolf date will actually require you to actually, potentially for hours, with the person you’re there with. If this is not your strong suit, a movie is a much safer date – you have far less time to say something stupid, and can let your looks do the talking. If looks are also not your strongsuit, I’m not sure how you got this date in the first place, but video games would be a viable 3rd option.

The biggest trap you will fall into here is your competitive side. It is vital to remember that this is supposed to be fun. Unless your date is actively making it a competitive environment, don’t push it. You could even try not keeping score if you think that would help (or at least just keep it in your head).

As long as you can keep your cool and carry a conversation, MiniGolf really is the ultimate first date for its fun atmosphere, affordability and ability for anyone to play!

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