Ultimate Frisbee May Just Be The Most Underrated Sport Ever


How the bleep is Ultimate Frisbee not the most popular sport on the planet? I mean honestly it keeps me up at night. Well not really but it kinda bugs me. There is almost nothing not to like.

Fun? Check.

A good workout? Check.

Easy to play? Check.

Competitive? Check.

Look like a stud? Check.

Ultimate Frisbee combines all of those qualities into one great sport that is simply not played enough. I just don’t know why. There’s a comment section below if you want to try and tell me. Ultimate should definitely be played more and here’s why.

Ultimate Fun

Is Ultimate Frisbee fun? Yes. It’s kinda like flag football but it mostly only includes the big plays. Jumping up high in a group of three or four people and coming down with the frisbee is a triumphant feeling. Also, putting your all into throwing a frisbee and seeing the thing fly is pretty damn nice. It’s a fun sport for sure.

A Good Workout

Absolutely. If you’re doing it right you are running 91.37%  of the time. The other 8 or so percent? Spent celebrating your touchdowns in some creative ways. I will write about the best celebrations at a later date. Back to the good workout, you are constantly running, jumping, and simply moving at all times. The best way to get a good workout, stay in shape, and drop a few pounds is by quite simply being on the move and ultimate frisbee gives you that.

Easy to Play

Yes. It’s incredibly simple. All you really need is a field and a frisbee. Actually that’s all you need. Grab a couple guys, go find a frisbee laying around in your garage because it is a certifiable fact that every human being has a frisbee laying around in their garage, and find a field. You can easily take it to the next level by entering tournaments and running plays, but there is no need. Ultimate is a very simple sport that requires only a cheap frisbee and any field.


I tend to have a biased opinion on competitiveness because I take everything competitively and therefore think everything is competitive. I think I just broke the record for using the word competitive the most times in a sentence. Anywho, if you take it seriously and have even teams full of motivated players, Ultimate can be a much more engaging sport than poker or cornhole.

Look Like a Stud

Diving and snagging a frisbee right before it hits the ground? Yeah you will look pretty damn cool. Partner that with making the game winning throw? If you do it right, this category will absolutely be a check.



In my opinion, there is truly a lot to love about this sport. Everything you want out of a recreational sport you can find it Ultimate Frisbee. It truly bewilders me how it isn’t played more often. I try and play it whenever I have a group of guys together, it’s that fun to me. Start playing ultimate more often and I am sure you won’t regret it. It will be fun, get you in shape, it’s as simple as running, it’s competitive, and you’ll look good doing it. Ultimate Frisbee may just be the most underrated recreational sport ever.

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