Top 10 Funny Beach Volleyball Team Names

funny volleyball team names

The better the volleyball team name you have, the better your team is. Believe it or not, but it works, and it works more if you believe it…it’s science. This holds true for most things in life, whether it’s your child’s name, your dodgeball team name, or your volleyball team names. If you are playing recreational volleyball, you better have a good team name. And just in case there was any question, stick to beach volleyball only. Beach volleyball is infinitely better than normal indoor recreational volleyball. It should be self-explanatory, but if it’s not, you may need to reconsider your life. Girls in bikinis, or muscled up shirtless guys for the ladies? Yeah you get it.  In order to truly have a great team name, it has to be funny, edgy, and obviously involve some good wordplay. Without further adieu, here are the best beach volleyball team names to instantly improve your beach volleyball team.


#10) All Sets Are Off

If you show up repping this name, you are guaranteed to gain a competitive edge. When you roll up, all bets are off. It’s a new game. All Sets Are Off is a perfect ameatuer name for your volleyball team.

#9) How I Set Your Mother

Truly one of the best television shows out there today. How I Met Your Mother is definitely the sort of tv show you want your name to be based off of.  I can only imagine how much praise Barney Stinson would give you if he heard you were playing beach volleyball with girls. He would absolutely approve.

#8) May the Spike Be With You

Originally number ten on the list, May the Spike Be With You gets a boost with the recent release of the new Star Wars movie. Although I am not a Star Wars fanboy myself, I do understand why it is so popular. If you are a star wars mega fan, this is the name for you. Also, huge bonus points if you dress up like the Star Wars characters. HUGE Bonus Points. 

#7) Serves you Right

If your name is Serves you Right, your team will instantly have some swagger. You know you’re the best and although you may be a bit too arrogant, that doesn’t matter as long as you come out on top, and you will.  Everything is the opponent’s fault and you are the team in charge.

#6) Block Party

A bunch of frat boys and college babes, they take your beach volleyball competition a little too lightly. They show up with a boombox blasting a new Avicii remix. Although they have been drinking all day and do not care as much as you do, they can make up for that with their pure youth and athleticism. Life is their party and you’re just living in it.

#5) Practice Safe Sets

A group of middle aged teachers, they are the lame ones in the tournament. Guys wearing shorts that are too small and the ladies wearing those lame one piece like beach dresses. Although they don’t belong in the tournament, they do play well. The name doesn’t hurt them either. Do not underestimate the teachers. Never underestimate the teachers.

#4) Hit Faced

These, unlike Block Party, are the frat DUDES and the college BABES. They take this tournament seriously while having a great time partying it up on spring break. They show up with a large Beats speaker blasting’s Ultimate Party Playlist. They are cooler and more determined than the guys and gals over at Block Party. They drink more and it only fuels their passion to win. They will beat you purely with their youth and athleticism, even more so than Block Party. Also, they have a better name instantly making them better.

The only way to beat Hit Faced at this point is to have an absolute fuego name. These next three names do it.

#3) Bumpin’ Uglies

Bumpin’ Uglies is a name that fits all three criteria. The only reason it was not the top scoring name is because I just think it’s an ugly phrase. An ugly phrase, but a great name nonetheless. Bumpin’ Uglies gives you a true competitive advantage. Although it is an ugly game, if  you are truly in it to win it, this is the name for you.

#2) Kiss My Ace

Kiss My Ace truly exemplifies a great volleyball team name. Most people can pull it off to a good degree, but a true champion knows how to pull it off to a legendary degree. You need to dress like a star and have the swagger to back it up. If you show up with a name like Kiss My Ace and especially with some fire custom t-shirts, you are good to know.

team names for volleyball

#1) Setsy and We Know It

Picture it with me, a group of mid twenties guys and girls walking out in slow motion, with a bounce in their step, and swagger in their stride. In the background you can hear the infamous “I’m Sexy and I know it” playing by LMFAO. You will lose to this team, it is inevitable. Unless you are this team, which I doubt you are, it will be a tough match for you. It was difficult to put this name at #1 because many people can use it and think they pull it off, but for the very few of you out there who can pull it off to perfection, and trust me, you would know, it is a legendary team name. They’re Setsy and They Know It, and you are guaranteed to lose.

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