Top 10 Funny Flag Football Team Names

funny flag football team names

Daaaamn Jack, back at it again with the team names. Yes, here I go again on my third installment of best team names. Previously, we have touched on dodgeball and volleyball team names. Now, it is time for the best funny flag football team names on the planet. Have a flag football team and you can’t quite find a name? I’ve got you covered. Over with our friends at FlagSpin, they already put together a list of 40 very good and funny flag football team names. I am going to pick my favorites and list them below.

  1. The Practice Squad

These boys tell it like it is. They know they weren’t the studs in high school, but they own that. They know they could have been a star if given the playing time. They play with a chip on their shoulder like Tom Freakin’ Brady. They are out to prove their old high school coach wrong, and you are their victims. Watch out.

  1. Back That Pass Up

Very similar to skillz that killz, only a handful of people can pull it off. These guys are the hip guys who are playing flag football just to dominate. However, they seem to always complain at those blind referees and whenever they get a call their way, you can guarantee they will be yelling “Back That Pass Up”.

  1. Balls Deep

You may recognize this name from my dodgeball installment, but it works here too. Honestly, it could probably work with any sport since well, almost every sport involves a ball. Balls deep are a bunch of slightly over-weight guys who thought a flag football league was an alternative to beer league softball. Despite their age and obvious slowness, they are playing with a slight buzz, which unlike what you would think, provides a sneaky competitive advantage. 

  1. No Punt Intended

These guys are the math club kids and spelling bee champs. They are set out to prove the haters wrong. They were made fun of by the cool kids and are out to get revenge of the nerds. See what I did there? Ha I’m funny. No Punt Intended has a steady knowledge of flag football playbooks and they have thoroughly read my flag football guide. Be ready for the revenge of the nerds. Ha I did it again.

  1. Looking to Score

They are out here to impress the babes with their flag football prowess and if they can score a TD in the process even better. There main goal is to score a touchdown of both sorts. (If ya know what I mean). These dudes think they came up with the name themselves, and even made matching tee-shirts. Guys motivated by babes? Be careful, they play way out of control.

  1. Past our Primetime

Similar to The Practice Squad, Past our Primetime knows who they are. However, The Practice Squad and Past our Primetime are big rivals. Unlike the bench warmers over at the practice squad, past our primetime were the starters and studs of the varsity football team. They know their tackle careers are over and are looking to simply continue to play the sport they grew up loving. You can’t hate em, but you sure can lose to them.

  1. White Men CAN Jump

These college bros played baseball in high school but always dominated the madden world. They are fit, fast, tall, and most certainly can jump. They would be definite champs, if not for their kryptonite. They just don’t care that much. They just want to have fun. They either throw a hail mary or run some sort of trick play. It works for the most part, but they just can’t quite finish it off.

  1. Show Us Your TD’s

These guys were 100% the cocky a$$holes in high school. They were the bullies in gym class and never looked back. They are extremely athletic yet incredibly bad at flag football. They have flashy moves and can score, but are too selfish to work together and make a dominant team.

  1. Titsburgh Feelers

The Titsburgh Feelers are an interesting bunch to say the least. They think they are the best, when in reality they are a bunch of middle aged overweight guys. Now listen to when I say these guys are incredibly creepy. The only reason they have made it this far is because nobody really want to touch them. However, they win for a reason I guess. Don’t hate the players hate the game.

  1. Multiple Scorgasms

The undeniable champs when it comes to both flag football prominence and a phenomenal team name. It’s got the perfect combination of wordplay, comedic team name, and it just works. If you are playing multiple scorgasms, please take heed, take head of, head of, take headed of my advice. (Huge bonus points to whoever can name that reference. Hint: I heard it at The Office). Multiple Scorgasms is the unquestionable champs.

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