Why You Should Play A Niche Sport

The case for trying something new, with help from korfball, ultimate and octopush As a kid, many of us dreamed of sporting glory – that winning home run, touchdown or goal. Fewer will have imagined th...[Read More]

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History of Ultimate Frisbee

The Rise of Ultimate: Past, Present & Future

Let’s pretend for a moment that people are replaced by sports. Many sports are unique to certain countries whilst a fair number are globally renowned. Sometimes sports die out (ever seen Olympic live-...[Read More]

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The Ultimate Tournaments Bucket List

The run down on what type of ultimate tournaments every player needs to play Tournaments are a key component of competitive and social ultimate. While many play and train regularly with friends and te...[Read More]

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Ultimate: What Should You Call It

The Lowdown on Ultimate Frisbee the Game. One of the first hurdles to cross when becoming involved in this sport is the name. Some people will call it Ultimate, other Ultimate Frisbee, and even just F...[Read More]

Funny Ultimate Team Names

The Best & Funny Ultimate Team Names

You may as well play just to use these team names In its early days, ultimate’s appeal included its counter-culture roots. Its laid back attitude and insistence on self-refereeing and respect was the ...[Read More]

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ultimate throws

Ultimate Throws: The Basics of Throwing

The beginner’s guide to ultimate throws For new players, the sheer array of ultimate throws can be overwhelming. A disc is capable of many more variations in flight path than a ball, and beginners may...[Read More]


2016 World Ultimate Championships – Why You Should Be Watching

We posted recently about the history of ultimate as a sport: its origins, growth and where it might be headed in the future. Well the biggest tournament in ultimate is just around the corner and is se...[Read More]

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Advanced Throws in Ultimate: What the Pros Throw

You know the flick, the backhand, the hammer. But what did that maverick college star just throw? Your backhands come naturally. Forehands, with a little practice, are accurate. Some other beginners t...[Read More]

Get Involved in Ultimate

You’ve realised ultimate’s a dope sport and got yourself a disc. What’s next? Here we are. Your friend has taught you how to throw a forehand, albeit still a slightly wobbly one. You’ve gorged y...[Read More]

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