Ultimate: What Should You Call It

The Lowdown on Ultimate Frisbee the Game. One of the first hurdles to cross when becoming involved in this sport is the name. Some people will call it Ultimate, other Ultimate Frisbee, and even just F...[Read More]

korfball rules

Introduction to Korfball Rules and Gameplay

If you’ve ever heard of korfball, you probably have an idea of how it’s played. If – like most people on the planet – you haven’t, then you’ve been missing out and are about to be brought up to speed....[Read More]

good golfer

5 Steps to Being a Good Golfer Without Taking Lessons

Anyone who plays golf or wants to learn how to play golf all have one thing in common: they want to be good at it. Golf is one sport that doesn’t look too difficult, but it’s a lot harder ...[Read More]

funny flag football team names

Top 10 Funny Flag Football Team Names

Daaaamn Jack, back at it again with the team names. Yes, here I go again on my third installment of best team names. Previously, we have touched on dodgeball and volleyball team names. Now, it is time...[Read More]

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slip n slide kickball

Slip-n-Slide Kickball Must Be Your Next Summer Activity

Kickball is one outdoor activity that every kid has played, but what happens when you combine a slip-n-slide with kickball? The answer is pure epicness! Slip-n-slide kickball is exactly what it sounds...[Read More]

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flag football drills

Flag Football Drills That Win Games

If you want to be on a winning flag football team, you need to do the right drills. Flag football drills can improve the way your team works together and can sharpen your skills. Take a look at some o...[Read More]

MMA Fighting Styles

The 7 Fighting Styles used in MMA

Before the MMA we know today, back when the Ultimate Fighting Championship was first introduced to the world, the term “mixed martial arts” meant something different. it meant there would be a match w...[Read More]

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niche sports

Niche Sports – How To Get Started

Whether you’ve just renounced the couch-potato lifestyle or your punishingly competitive season has just ended and you’re looking for something a little different to keep you fit over the downtime mon...[Read More]

A Quick Guide To Glow In The Dark Sports

We all love a bit of competition; savouring the sweet taste of victory over our rivals as they lie in the dust by the podium, defeated. Some of us play sports purely for the gruelling competition and ...[Read More]

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