Why Spikeball May Just Be the Next Great American Sport


Spikeball is one of the fastest rising sports across America. From having not heard of it at all, to it being a consistent household name, it’s certainly growing. I’ve personally played it alot, and it is quite fun, basically the perfect backyard sport. Chances are, you already know how it’s played. If not, go take a look here for the rules. Spikeball is incredibly fun and is great to play at any venue, although grass and beach settings are highly recommended. It has a bright future, but is it the next great american sport?



Why Spikeball Has a Bright Future

It’s a very fun, simple game. As Spikeball claims, it’s like volleyball and foursquare had a baby and out popped Spikeball. My favorite part about it is it’s ability to be played competitively. If you have even teams that are both relatively skilled, it can be a true back and forth match. It’s not like volleyball where you need a bunch of players who all need to be engaged. In spikeball, all you need is four determined players, and in spikeball it’s easy to stay competitive. It’s a great sport to play at backyard barbecues, in gym class, or at the beach.

I can specifically remember my first spikeball experience. I was admittedly a little bit late to the Spikeball world and was very skeptical at first. My family and I were visiting some good family friends in Montauk, NY. On the first day, while grabbing chairs from the garage, my friend’s dad exclaimed, “Don’t forget Spikeball”. At that point I had heard vaguely of the sport but didn’t think it was anything really that special. After a couple hours of basking in the warm sun, we decided to play. Sufficed to say, I had a freaking ball. It was me and my friend versus our two dads. That always brings out the best in me. It was very competitive. I was diving in the sand, yelling at my friend, and well quite simply being a certifiable hardo. From then on, I’ve purchased a Spikeball set of my own. Everytime I go to the beach, it’s the first thing I bring, outside of headphones of course. Every time there’s a barbecue or a backyard event, it’s the first thing I bring. Spikeball is perfect for college kids on spring break. It’s perfect for young kids fooling around in gym class. It’s perfect for adults to play around during a barbecue. It requires a short space, four people, and may be just the perfect recreational backyard sport.

I think Spikeball has the potential to be the next great American sport.  If you’ve played spike ball, you know what I’m talking about when I say it’s a highly addictive, very fun game. You are moving, diving into the sand, and strategizing with your teammate. It can be fun played competitively using official spikeball rules, or just by fooling around on your own. No matter what, you will find yourself wanting more. Is Spikeball going to draw huge crowds as a spectator sport? Probably not, but that doesn’t compromise Spikeball’s ability to be played all the time and by everyone of all ages. Isn’t that what a sport is all about? Every great American sport can be played in any venue, across all age groups and skill levels. This can be said for Baseball, Football and Basketball. The same can be said for Spikeball. Spikeball’s ability to be played by anyone and anywhere, paired with being just super fun, makes it a great sport, and maybe….maybe the next great American sport.

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