Spikeball is Mandatory to Bring to the Beach

Spikeball at the Beach

I’m calling it now, Spikeball is the next great American recreational sport. Although it will never be played in large stadiums with a big audience, it still is an extremely fun and exciting sport. I’ve talked before about the many venues it can be played at, but one stands far above the rest. The beach. The beach and Spikeball are just made for one another, just like Jim Halpert was made for Pam Beesly. Spikeball is absolutely and unquestionably mandatory to bring to the beach. Hell, it should probably be a damn law.

  1. The Sand Is a Perfect Diving Surface

Have I ever talked about how I believe you should always play competitively? Just kidding, I know I’ve said it a million times but it’s relevant once again. To be the ultimate spikeball player, you need to go all out. It is much nicer to dive on the soft beach sand than on a gym floor. “Thanks Captain Obvious”. I know, but I still had to say it. If you want to play spikeball competitively, and you should, there is no better venue than at the beach. Lay out and make that diving save, and look good as hell while doing it.

  1. Get Off Your Lazy Butt

The beach is incredibly relaxing, and I know how tempted it is to take a nap and read a book all day and do nothing more. In addition to working on your tan of course. However, you can’t spend a whole day at the beach sitting down and relaxing. It will eventually become almost boring. Spikeball is too fun not to play it at the beach. It will get you off your butt, and you will enjoy every second of it.

  1. Show Off For the Ladies

At any beach, there is sure to be a handful of good lookin ladies sporting the newest in style bikinis. It’s as certain as it can get. The girls are always on the prowl looking for good looking guys at the beach. Are you going to stand out lying on a beach towel snoring away? Hell. No. Get up and impress the babes. Make those diving saves and dominant your spikeball game. Have creative handshakes and celebrations synched with your teammate to look even better. Make sure they aren’t lame though. You will definitely stand out more than sitting on your butt reading a book.

Spikeball is simply meant for the beach. They are two peas in a pod. You shouldn’t legally be allowed to have one without the other. Maybe I’ll propose that to congress. Anywho, If you are reading this, I am officially making it mandatory to bring spikeball  to the beach. It’s like having macaroni with no cheese. It’s just weird. Do me a favor and don’t be weird, bring spikeball to the beach. You are going to enjoy yourself and probably impress some girls in the meantime.

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