Poker Nights Are Good For The Soul

When the World Series of Poker started being televised, poker games around the world started increasing. What normally was just a fun game to play with a couple friends has now turned into a game that people play regularly. If you haven’t hosted a poker night yet, you’ve probably at least been to one. There are a lot of reasons why poker nights are good for the soul, but they could turn bad quickly if you don’t play your chips right.

Hosting a Successful Poker Night

The day that you host a poker night is just as important as the people you invite. Whether you are inviting friends, co-workers, family members or a combination of all three, they all likely have full-time jobs at different places. That’s why it’s best to have your poker night later in the week, maybe on a Thursday or Friday. The week is winding down, and your guests will be more relaxed. The last thing you want is a tense game to cause frustrations to boil over.

Hosting a poker night is good for you as well, because you get to control the environment. If you don’t want alcohol, then don’t provide it. If you only want 6 people to play, then stop inviting after you get 6 confirmations. You are completely in charge of the environment when you host a poker game, so create it however you think would best suit your guests.

Attending Poker Nights

Going to someone else’s house is ideal sometimes as well. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up messes, and you can leave whenever you want. Sometimes it’s good to go over to a friend’s house for a poker night. Even if you don’t want to play on a particular night, you can enjoy the camaraderie that comes with it. Just don’t be “that guy” that becomes a nuisance from the sidelines!

Keeping Poker Nights Fun

It’s not fun losing money. If you play poker regularly, it’s probably a good idea to keep the buy-ins low so no one will lose a lot of money in any given game. That can be frustrating and can cause attendance to drop after a while.

Also, poker nights can end quickly for you if you lose out of the game. Have some sort of game plan for people who lose early, so they will still hang around longer. Roll some dice, play dominoes or have some other activities set up to keep people entertained and reduce the pain of losing.

As far as your own mentality goes, you need to go into the game expecting to lose, but trying to win. Knowing there’s a good chance that you will lose some money will make winning even sweeter. And if you do lose, then it won’t feel as bad because you knew there was a high probability of losing anyway.

When you go to a casino and play poker against people you don’t know, you can get angry all you want. But a small poker night at your house or at a friend’s house is not the place to be getting angry at losing a few bucks. Everyone will enjoy themselves more and there will be a greater chance of more poker nights happening in the future.

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