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Disc Golf (or frisbee golf, if you prefer) has the wonderful feature of being completely free to play, if you already have a frisbee and are willing to get creative. Deciding whether to play at a legitimate disc golf course or to create your own at a park (or anywhere else, really), is a crucial decision. I’ll help you decide.

Disc Golf Options

There are legitimate disc golf courses, as well as disc golf courses at certain traditional golf courses. A quick Google search should help you find your options near you. This is the more structured version of disc golf.

Street Disc Golf

Then you can play ‘street disc golf’. This is obviously your free option, and definitely the place for beginners. In this version, all you need is a frisbee and your imagination. I like to use a tree as a target, and each player takes turns picking the next target. Just like golf, lowest score wins.

Most disc golf players are familiar with the throbbing shoulder pain that is associated with a full round of disc golf. When you are staring down a long fairway on a disc golf course, it is human nature to try and launch that bad boy all the way to the basket from the tee. Throw in the fact that disc golf is often enjoyed with a cold beer or five, and it is common to over-strain your shoulder. This is why street disc golf can be the best place for beginners. You can ease into the game, and you’ll quickly know if you have the shoulder to handle disc golf.

With street disc golf, you are free to set any target you want. You can aim for that trash can 30 feet away or for the tall tree 200 yards away. When you start to get tired (which you will), you can start aiming for closer objects, eventually aiming back at your car so you can go home.

I would recommend playing disc golf in a park if you’re new to the game. Make sure you actually enjoy the sport before committing to a round. Once you go to a course, you’re in the big leagues.

Pro Disc Golf

When you’re ready for it, the actual courses are an experience, with pros and cons.

The biggest pro: They have large metal baskets with metal chains hanging down that act as the target for your disc. One of the sweetest aspects of disc golf is the magical sound when you make it in the metal basket – similar to the swish sound of a basketball net.

The biggest con: Once you’re ready for the real course, you can no longer use one disc for the entire round like an amateur. Instead, you need at least 2 discs, one for driving and one for putting. There are even more specific types of discs available. Don’t go down this road. Before you know it, you’ll have 8 discs and a custom bag to carry all your discs in. You don’t need that (yet).

Whether you choose to play at a legitimate course or in the street, disc golf is a great way to spend an afternoon. Hopefully this guide will help you choose the perfect disc golf course for you!

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