Paintball Tips: What Every Beginner Should Know

paintball tips

Paintball is an exciting activity for everyone, regardless of age, sex, or fitness level. If you’re thinking about getting into paintball, there are a few things you should know. Here are 6 paintball tips every beginner should know before ever picking up a gun.

  1. It doesn’t hurt as much as you’d think

When you see a tiny ball of paint come flying at you, it’s hard not to think, “Ouch.” But getting hit by one doesn’t hurt as much as you’d think. Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others when they get hit, but for the most part, it’s only a minor pain.

To minimize the pain of playing paintball, you can wear protective gear or several layers of thick clothing. With the proper protection, you’ll barely feel a thing if you get hit.

  1. Stay active

It’s a little scary running around, knowing that an opponent might be waiting for you in ambush. But paintball is all about moving. Don’t sit still in one place. Instead, try to advance your position and trick the other team. Paintball is much more fun when you’re not hiding in a corner somewhere. Understanding that one of the paintball basics is movement can help you succeed and have fun.

  1. Wearing safety gear doesn’t make you look silly

Sure, you want to be the cool kid on the team. But that doesn’t mean you should take your mask off. The most common type of injury in paintball occurs when someone doesn’t wear protective eye gear and gets hit in the eye by a rogue paintball.

In paintball, it’s better to be smart than to try and impress everyone by not wearing a mask. In fact, a mask is mandatory at most paintball games. Wear something to protect your eyes, and you’ll feel much less silly than you would walking around in an eye patch after a paintball hits your eye.

  1. Don’t Overdo It

As tempting as it may be to go Rambo on an opposing team member, try not to shoot an opponent more than once. Not only is it poor sportsmanship, but it also wastes your ammo. Once you see that you’ve hit an opponent, stop shooting and move on to the next. You don’t get extra points for hitting someone more than once.

  1. Know the rules

One of the most important paintball basics is knowing the rules. There are rules in paintball for a reason, and they are NOT meant to be broken. First of all, you need to know the boundaries and stick to them. Make sure you know where the dead zone (the area where eliminated players can wait) is, and that you stay clear of it while you’re still in the game.

Some rules depend on the league you play in. For example, one league might not consider a player eliminated if his gun is hit by a paintball. However, most places count a hit anywhere on a competitor’s body. If paint ricochets off of a surface and hits you, it doesn’t usually count as an elimination. If you don’t know whether or not you were hit, you can ask for a paint check and the closest player will let you know.

When you’ve been hit, it’s important to walk to the dead zone with your paintball gun held over your head. Let other players know that you’re hit, otherwise they’ll keep coming for you.

  1. It’s all about having fun

No matter what, remember that paintball is about having fun. Don’t get caught up with talking trash or even with winning. While you’re out there, enjoy yourself.

Knowing Paintball Basics Goes A Long Way

The first time you pick up the paintball gun, don’t be intimidated. If you follow these beginner’s paintball tips, you’ll make the most of your time. Before long, you’ll look like a pro!

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