My Morning Workout: How it Transformed Me into a Morning Person

Morning Workout Morning Person

I feel for those that do not think they are morning people. I was that person for years. Sure, I was functional during the morning hours, but it was always a struggle. It can seem impossible to get going in the morning, especially if it isn’t even light outside.

However, there is good news. I’ve managed to become a highly productive morning person, and I credit that to my morning workout. This acts as a jump start to my energy, and allows me to relax in the evenings.

A Morning Person Needs Energy

While motivation might be enough for some people to hop out of bed before the crack of dawn, some of us still need some help. Coffee can do the trick from time to time, but I don’t view this as a long term solution. That cup of coffee won’t be doing anything for your body by the early afternoon. A good workout, even just 15 minutes, will still reap benefits for your body and your mind throughout the entire day.

If you want to become a morning person, incorporate a workout into the very beginning of your morning routine. The first week may be difficult, but it will soon become a standard part of your day. I have noticeably more energy during the day from working out, and sleep better. The science supports that idea.

This early morning exercise will jump start your metabolism for the entire day, meaning you’ll burn calories at a higher rate the entire day. For those of us that work on computers all day, being able to burn any calories is a huge boost to our health. The modern worker does not get the exercise they need, an inevitable result of so many jobs being dependent on technology.

Mental Benefits of a Morning Workout

While I’ve touched on the physical benefits, there are also mental benefits. It has been shown that exercising releases endorphens. If you are able to exercise in the morning, you are giving yourself an extra boost heading into the day. When your co-workers are just crawling into work with their coffee, you’ll already be running full speed into your day.

My favorite aspect of working out in the morning is that it allows you to relax completely once you get home from work. Personally, when I get home from work I like to sit down with my family and discuss our day, typically with a cold beer in hand. If you also enjoy a beer after work (or any alcohol), this can be a big hinderance to working out. While you may still find the motivation to go workout, this is much harder on your body and I’m not about to recommend it. By working out in the morning, you don’t have to worry about scheduling it in the evening.

Hopefully this article has helped show you that you can become a morning person, and it may just take a simple adjustment to your daily routine and keep you healthy in the process!

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