5 Reasons Kids Soccer Leagues are a Must for your Child

when to start kids soccer leagues

There are few things as iconic as the soccer fields on a Saturday morning. When you get to a park and see 5 games going on at once, it is an exciting environment, and one that every kid should experience.

When to Start Kids Soccer Leagues

If they start young, and kids soccer is one of the few sports you can start as young as you’d like, it can be a wonderful experience for every child to play in a soccer league. Even if they have never played, there are numerous benefits to playing. Here are the top 5 reasons a kids soccer league should be one of your child’s first sports:

1. Teamwork

By playing in kids soccer leagues, children must learn how to work together. If you’ve ever watched little kids soccer, you’ll notice one thing right away: every single player tries to run to the ball at the same time. This creates a huge cluster of players, where the ball cannot even move.

As the players get slightly older, they develop better spacing, and realize that they need to give their teammates space in order to succeed. Learning how to work with a group to accomplish goals is a wonderful lesson for a child.

2. Great Exercise

One aspect of soccer that is true at every level is that it requires a lot of running. Most kids love to run, so these pair up nicely. In the modern day where technology has such a strong hold over most children, an enjoyable activity that promotes an active lifestyle is rare.

Getting a child involved in soccer can establish a healthy and active approach to life. I personally played soccer for several years growing up before eventually transitioning to other sports. It was through soccer I learned the initial coordination and fitness required for sports.

Within soccer, you get a wide range of exercises: running, jumping, quick change of direction and extended sprinting. Players even throw the ball in from the sidelines. Because there are so many aspects involved in playing soccer, it develops kids for all sports.

3. Safety

With the huge increase in the number of reported concussions related to football, the low-to-no contact nature of soccer leagues continues to look more and more appealing. Being able to play a sport and not fear a serious long term injury is yet another benefit of soccer. I can’t promise that you won’t roll and ankle or twist a knee, but the risk of a concussion is no where near that of football.

4. Make Kids Soccer Friends

These leagues can be the best place to make friends – not just for the kids, but for parents as well. The nature of many soccer leagues means that you will all be getting together each weekend for several hours. This can create lifelong friends, and also teaches kids to socialize with a wide variety of people.

5. Orange Slices

For me, orange slices are the epitome of youth soccer. This is the iconic half time snack, and I still think of playing soccer when I see orange slices. Sometimes I even go to kids soccer leagues just so I can steal orange slices from the team coolers. Ok I made that last part up. (or did I…)

These are just 5 of the reasons why soccer is a must play for any kid. It truly is the ultimate starter sport.

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