Your Weekly Happy Hour(s): Why you Should Join a Bowling League Immediately

Bowling League

If you have never participated in a bowling league, you are missing out badly. These leagues can be a great way to scratch your competitive itch, while providing a great social opportunity with your friends.

I will point out that if you are drinking heavily at your bowling league (I know I do), arrange for a designated driver or take an uber. This isn’t a PSA, but I feel like it needs to be said. Just because you can chuck a bowling ball doesn’t mean you can drive.

Bowling leagues are simply a fun environment. In a basketball league, you couldn’t go chug down half a beer before taking the game deciding free throw.

In a bowling league, you can do what you damn well please. You can take that beer with you to throw. You can go to the bar and buy yourself a pitcher – no sharing required.

You may have already noticed, and I will admit, a huge part of this can be the drinking. Bowling happens to be a game that pairs well with a nice cold beer. Be sure to scout out the bar at the alley before joining a league. The cost of pitchers could add up quickly if you’re not careful. I also look for a place with a good beer variety. You wouldn’t go to the same bar every week if they had one type of beer, and your bowling alley should be the same way.

While there is potentially a lot of drinking involved, the act of throwing a bowling ball is a natural sobriety check. If you’re able to actually hit your target, you’ve earned another beer.

Even better than the fact that you can enjoy a beer, you get to spend time with your friends.

Bowling leagues can be a great excuse for friends to get together each week. Depending on the type of league you play, you’ll likely get to know the players on the other teams as well. If you can find a league with players of a similar age, bowling leagues can be a great social situation.

The last aspect of bowling leagues that makes them great is the competitive aspect. Through these leagues, you get the chance to win championships. While it might not be the competitive glory you have always dreamed of, it can still provide the thrill of game winning moments.

I still vividly remember the first bowling league I ever joined. While I didn’t realize it when signing up, it was a bowling league that lasted over 6 months. Each week they kept detailed standings, including player averages. It ended up being much more competitive than I ever could have imagined.

This quickly became a great competitive outlet. I had always loved bowling, but the head-to-head aspect of a bowling league takes it to another level. If you still look to replicate the pressure of competition, these leagues can be a great source.

The competition, the friendship, and the beer. These are three great reasons to join a bowling league immediately.

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