How to Play Flag Football the Right Way

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Flag Football is one of my favorite things to do in life.  There’s just nothing more fun to me than gathering a group of guys and playing flag football on a nice day or cold thanksgiving morning. A large grass field and perfectly placed trees for endzones is all you need. Flag football is supposed to be fun and that’s exactly what you want it to be while still keeping it reasonably competitive, and the next time you step on the field these 3 tips on how to play flag football the right way will guarantee you a victory the next time you step out on the turf.

No Running the Football

This should be a given, but for some reason it isn’t. Flag football is for the big plays. The highlights are in long passes and interceptions. Running the ball in flag football is for pansies. Step back and throw the ball.  Running the ball for four yards at a time is for the NFL. If you ever line up in a Wing T formation and try to triple option in flag football, just option yourself right off the field and never come back. I’ll say it again, flag football is for the big plays and the touchdowns. The one handed grabs and the come from nowhere interceptions. Nobody will ever remember that amazing three yard run you had 3 months ago. But go up and moss your best friend with an epic one handed catch? Bragging rights for years.

Flag Football Trick Plays are Legendary

If it were up to me, every play you run would involve some level of trickery. You should be running statue of liberties, screen passes, fake hand-offs, throwbacks, hail marys, fake punts (even if they’re not allowed, just do it anyway), the fumblerooski, the hook and ladder, an end around pass, flea flickers, reverse flea flickers, double reverse flea flicker hail marys, pick plays, double or triple passes, direct snaps, fake spikes, and the fumblerooski again. This makes the game a lot more fun, especially if you are able to successfully pull them off.

flag football trick plays

Make a Flag Football Playbook

Why not create a full scale but simple playbook for flag football? Make it complete with pre snap reads, audibles and hot routes. Be prepared and come out knowing a game plan. Even better, get to know what a route tree is. Plays like the one below can take you from guessing to sure-fire touchdown gold. It’s almost a certainty that the other team won’t be as prepared. Playbooks are key, although they may be a bit over the top, being prepared will definitely help you win. Looking for help on how to get started? Check out this 5on5 flag football playbook and strategy guide by FlagSpin. It will give you a great head start.

7 on 7 flag football plays

Flag Football is meant for you to have fun, however you do need to take it seriously to a certain degree for it to be the most enjoyable. I am an extremely competitive guy, it’s who I am, competition is in my blood. For me, this is how flag football is the most fun. Nearly nothing touches going out and playing ball with some buddies on a cool spring day, or a cold Thanksgiving morning. So to recap, throw the effing football, run an obsurd amount of trick plays, like double hook and ladder, flea flicker, statue of liberty, and a double pass all in one extremely long developing play. It will feel amazing when it works. Or just call an audible from your simple playbook and throw the ball deep. But overall, just have fun with flag football, that’s how it’s meant to be played.


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