40 Funny Flag Football Team Names to Inspire You

Funny Flag Football Team Names

Do you have an adult flag football league or tournament coming up and looking for some creative or funny flag football team names? Some of these were scoured from other suggestions thrown out out across the webisphere, others are my creations or personal favorites of tournaments past. Hopefully one of these will help!

  1. Multiple Scorgasms
  2. Tittsburgh Feelers
  3. Flaming Flags
  4. Pull Me For A Good Time
  5. Caucasian Invasion
  6. Sofa King Good
  7. Show Us Your TD’s
  8. Victorious Secret
  9. The Abusement Park
  10. The Great White Hope
  11. Norfolk-in-Chance
  12. Viscious and Delicious
  13. Team Ramrod
  14. God Loves Flags
  15. Aluminum Curtain
  16. Cleveland Steamers
  17. Past our Primetime
  18. Gronkey Punch
  19. Trigger Happy Bunnies
  20. Dream Killers
  21. Blue Balls of Destiny
  22. Soup-A-Stars
  23. Finger Puppet Mafia
  24. Looking to Score
  25. Space Monkey Mafia
  26. Small but Slow
  27. Back that Pass Up
  28. Balls Deep
  29. The Cunning Stunts
  30. The Practice Squad
  31. Vick In A Box
  32. No Punt Intended
  33. White Men CAN Jump
  34. Power Puffin
  35. Ligers
  36. All Nguyens No Losses
  37. Off in the End Zone
  38. Blitz Craig
  39. Scared Hitless
  40. Kiss My End Zone

Let us know in the comments below if you have any other suggestions for funny flag football team names that you’ve used or heard of over the years!

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