Flag Football Drills That Win Games

flag football drills

If you want to be on a winning flag football team, you need to do the right drills. Flag football drills can improve the way your team works together and can sharpen your skills. Take a look at some of the best flag football drills for winning games.

1) Run and Gun to Win

Split your team into three lines. Position one group on the left, one in the middle, and one on the right of the field. The first person in each line will be the quarterback, the second the receiver, and the third the defender. The receiver on the left should run a 10-yard square-out pattern, the middle one should run a buttonhook, and the right should run a 10-yard turn-in pattern.

After a pass completion, the quarterback becomes a receiver and the receiver becomes a defender. The defender should move to the next line. The next person in line should be a quarterback. Continue the drill until everyone has had a chance at all of the positions.

2) Flag Football Scramble

Line two receivers up behind the line of scrimmage. Positon one defender on the other side of the line of scrimmage. Have the receivers run about ten yards out, and the quarterback should pick one receiver and throw them the ball. The defender needs to grab the flag of the receiver with the ball as quickly as possible.

3) Capture The Flag Drills

This is a classic schoolyard game, but also one of the most effective flag football drills. Have each of the players pair up. Mark off the field so it’s about 40 yards long, placing cones at the end of the area to form a touchdown zone and cones at the beginning to form the starting line. At the starting line, have a receiver ready to take off with a ball. About five yards behind him, have a defensive back waiting. When the drill starts, the receiver should try to get to the touchdown area before the defensive back takes his flag.

4) Pitch That Ball

Being able to pitch a ball to a receiver is a skill that every quarterback should have. On the same token, catching a pitch is a skill every receiver should have. This is one of the flag football drills that focuses on pitching the ball, adding to your team’s arsenal.

Start by creating a 20 x 20 yard area. Everyone should pair up and stand about 5 yards away from the pair next to them. One person should be designated the quarterback, and the other the receiver. At the same time, every receiver should run to the right. As the receiver is running, the quarterback should pitch the ball so the receiver is about five yards away when he catches it.

Then, have the receiver run to the left. After several reps of alternating pitches, switch quarterbacks and receivers.

5) Rover

This drill can win games because it improves both offense and defense, while also getting your team in great shape. Mark an area that’s about 40 yards long. Pick one person to stand in the middle of the field. Set up the rest of the players next to one another at the beginning of the field.

Start the drill, and have everyone try to make it to the other end of the field, as the person in the middle tries to get all of the flags. Every player missing a flag stands in the middle of the field, and everyone else lines up at the end of the field. Now, all of the players in the middle need to grab as many flags as possible. Once all the players have had a flag taken, the drill is complete.

Drills That Win Flag Football Games

Doing flag football drills isn’t just about improving skills. It also build teamwork, a trait that is key to winning games. Best of all, it keeps the sport fun. Try out one, two, or all of these drills, and watch your team’s record improve.


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