Where to Find Custom Corn Hole Boards for Sale Online

Buy Custom Corn Hole Boards For Sale Online

Corn hole (also commonly spelled Cornhole) definitely isn’t a new game, but over the past few years it’s gained a lot of popularity throughout the United States. People love playing this fun and relaxing game when they’re enjoying a sunny day on the patio at their favorite pub, when they’re tailgating a college football game, or when they’re kicking back with friends in the backyard on a beautiful spring or summer afternoon or evening.

Whether your tailgating before the big game or throwing a backyard party, here are the top 5 places we’ve found for custom Corn Hole boards for sale online!

Corn Hole Worldwide

First of all, there’s Cornhole Worldwide, where you can order traditionally painted Corn Hole boards or you can get custom boards, depending on what you want to spend and how cool you want your corn hole boards to look. For a reasonable base price, you can get a set of two unfinished Corn Hole boards, or you can get them painted in a solid color or a simple pattern for a little bit more.

If you want to spend a little bit more money, you can get a set of stained boards instead. These can be plain, or you can get them with a striped, rectangle, or triangle pattern them for better visibility and a little help aiming for the hole. For about the same amount of money as an original, painted set of boards, you can get personalized boards, as well, and you can get themed boards or completely customized boards and Corn Hole bags, too.

Texas A-M Custom Cornhole Boards for Sale - VIctory TailgateVictory Tailgate

If you want to spend just a bit more money, Victory Tailgate offers custom corporate Corn Hole boards with photo-perfect images and logos. If you’re buying a Corn Hole set to use at your company picnic every year, this could be the way to go for you. They also offer a line of collegiate and NFL licenced designs along with many other sports to choose from!

Custom Corntoss

Most of Custom Corntoss’ Corn Hole boards are less expensive than the ones you’ll find at other online Corn Hole board stores. They offer practice Corn Hole boards at a very low price, and competitive pricing on boards with different designs, including flags, two-color designs, and classic five-hole Corn Hole boards, too. If you’re getting a wrapped custom board set, the prices do go up significantly.


At Cornhole.com, you have a number of options, as well, including a range of standard boards, custom bags and boards, and NCAA bags and boards, as well as a lot of fun Corn Hole accessories. Their prices aren’t as competitive as some of the other options here, but they do have a large selection of different designs and custom options.

Sporthole Games

Sporthole Games Custom Cornhole BoardLast but not least, at Sporthole Games, you can choose from a great variety of different Corn Hole boards. Not only do they offer custom images and wraps, but they also offer a number of different game designs with different holes in the boards. You can get Corn Hole board sets aimed more at kids, like a zoo & playground game set with three different holes cut in different shapes in the boards. Sports fans can get soccer and hockey sets, tennis and volleyball sets, football and golf sets, and more. Plus, there are darts and bowling sets, too. Basically, there’s something for everyone when you shop for Corn Hole boards at Sporthole Games.

Check out these top five places to buy custom Corn Hole boards online today. You can order the boards that will suit your needs best, and you’ll enjoy playing Corn Hole with your friends and family for years to come.


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