How to Draft the Ultimate Kickball Team

How to Draft the Ultimate Kickball Team

There is nearly nothing more competitive than backyard kickball. Backyard Kickball is more than just an activity, or a barbecue game with friends. Kickball is a lifestyle. It serves to reward the winn...[Read More]

Spikeball at the Beach

Spikeball is Mandatory to Bring to the Beach

I’m calling it now, Spikeball is the next great American recreational sport. Although it will never be played in large stadiums with a big audience, it still is an extremely fun and exciting sport. I’...[Read More]

Poker Nights Are Good For The Soul

When the World Series of Poker started being televised, poker games around the world started increasing. What normally was just a fun game to play with a couple friends has now turned into a game that...[Read More]

Paintballing in Arizona

Lessons Learned From Paintballing in Arizona

Recently, I had the opportunity to take a mini-vacation and visit a good friend of mine in Phoenix. The trip was long overdue, I hadn’t seen this friend in nearly seven years. I could spend time talki...[Read More]

life lessons of kickball

Life Lessons and Kickball: The Secrets to Success

Kickball isn’t just for kids anymore. The popular childhood game is extremely popular here in Rochester for adults of all ages and skill levels. I’m playing on a team with some of my coworkers and we’...[Read More]

Kickball -The Ultimate Family Fun Game

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. That means a lot of sunshine is on the way, which also means outdoor activities will be coming soon! And what is possibly the most fun game that ju...[Read More]

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