10 ways to create additional revenue for sports tournaments

10 Ways to Create Additional Revenue for Sports Tournaments

One of the top challenges for sports tournament organizers of all sizes is trying to figure out how to create additional revenue from each event to make it all worthwhile. This is equally important wh...[Read More]

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5 Reasons Tournament Co-op’s Should be More Common

5 Reasons Tournament Co-op’s Should be More Common

One of the avenues our event business has focused on in the past is cooperating with other sports, or event complimentary organizations within our own sport, to host multiple events at the same locati...[Read More]

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flag football olympic games

Flag Football in the Olympics Quickly Becoming a Reality

The Olympics are unlike any other sporting competition on the planet. For 16 days, over 300 events representing 35 sports and every country on the planet compete to take home their prized medals, and ...[Read More]

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beer and recreational sports guide

Beer & Recreational Sports: 5 Tips for Improving your Drinking Game

Beer & Sports go together like Mac & Cheese, always have and always will. If you’re like me, drinking beer before, during and/or after your weekly kickball/softball/flag football/(insert...[Read More]

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The World Games: Elite Sports You Need To Discover

Every four years, in midsummer, the entire world becomes intoxicated by the highest plateau in competitive sport: the Olympic Games. Its origins shrouded in Grecian mystery, the Olympics has blossomed...[Read More]

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Why Spikeball May Just Be the Next Great American Sport

Spikeball is one of the fastest rising sports across America. From having not heard of it at all, to it being a consistent household name, it’s certainly growing. I’ve personally played it alot, and i...[Read More]

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Top Recreational Beach Sports to Play This Summer

Top Recreational Beach Sports to Play This Summer

Hot summer days mean more time will be spent near a body of water soaking up some rays. When you’re headed out to your nearest beach or lake, there’s nothing better than taking a group of friends with...[Read More]

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funny flag football team names

Top 10 Funny Flag Football Team Names

Daaaamn Jack, back at it again with the team names. Yes, here I go again on my third installment of best team names. Previously, we have touched on dodgeball and volleyball team names. Now, it is time...[Read More]

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cherry juice

The Beneficial Effects of Cherry Juice on Muscle Recovery

If you were to make a list of the tastiest and most popular fruit juices, cherry juice would probably not be at the top. Despite that, it’s been making headlines as an essential workout suppleme...[Read More]

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dynamic stretching exercises

Importance of Dynamic Stretching Exercises Before and After a Workout

The natural thing that most people do is stretch before starting a workout. But the average person’s definition of stretching is likely a lot different than what is recommended. While doing some toe t...[Read More]

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sports on a diet natural energy - sports diet

Playing Sports on a Diet: Tips for Maintaining Energy and Stamina

Let’s face it, being healthy, staying in shape and playing sports on a diet can be tough. You have to have a lot of discipline in many aspects of your life, which is why a lot of people slowly get bac...[Read More]

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6 Easy Cost Cutting Tips for Travelling Sports Teams

6 Easy Cost Cutting Tips For Travelling Sports Teams

Planning and executing a trip for a sports team is far from easy. As the travel secretary for my rugby club, my National Champion rugby club that is, I had to put together travel plans for 35 people t...[Read More]

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Nutrition for Athletes: Four Tips for Healthier Eating from Medical Research

If you’re looking for healthy eating tips, there’s no shortage of information out there.  In fact, there’s entirely too much! In order to find ways to improve your diet, you’re...[Read More]

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