Flopping in Soccer

Flopping in Soccer: Are Players Staining The Beautiful Game?

“You must be joking ref!” All soccer fans have been there: it’s an important match, your top goalscorer is in on goal, side-steps the defender and – rather than pinging it past the keeper ...[Read More]

Funny Ultimate Team Names

The Best & Funny Ultimate Team Names

You may as well play just to use these team names In its early days, ultimate’s appeal included its counter-culture roots. Its laid back attitude and insistence on self-refereeing and respect was the ...[Read More]

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Ultimate Frisbee May Just Be The Most Underrated Sport Ever

How the bleep is Ultimate Frisbee not the most popular sport on the planet? I mean honestly it keeps me up at night. Well not really but it kinda bugs me. There is almost nothing not to like. Fun? Che...[Read More]

Top Recreational Beach Sports to Play This Summer

Top Recreational Beach Sports to Play This Summer

Hot summer days mean more time will be spent near a body of water soaking up some rays. When you’re headed out to your nearest beach or lake, there’s nothing better than taking a group of friends with...[Read More]

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funny flag football team names

Top 10 Funny Flag Football Team Names

Daaaamn Jack, back at it again with the team names. Yes, here I go again on my third installment of best team names. Previously, we have touched on dodgeball and volleyball team names. Now, it is time...[Read More]

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sports drinks bodyarmor cherrish gatorade champions edge

Which Sports Drinks are Right for You?

If you are gearing up for a workout, which kind of sports drinks do you need? That would have been a silly question only a few years ago, when your range of choices was pretty much limited to Gatorade...[Read More]

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soccer referee

Why Being a Soccer Referee is the Worst Job in the World

Being a soccer referee looks like a pretty glamorous profession. At the top end of the game refs are jetted all around Europe, and the world for that matter, taking care of high profile games featurin...[Read More]

winning at poker

Life is Poker, and it’s Your Turn to Play

Winning at poker taught me how to tackle some of the tough challenges of life — where conventional wisdom is often wrong. In summer 2012 I won enough money playing poker online to finance my last year...[Read More]

13 Levels of Losing at the Poker Table

Thirteen levels of losing at the poker table

Poker players forget most of the pots they’ve won, but the big hands they lose leave scars. I’ve won thousands of poker hands; probably tens of thousands. And yet most of those winning hands fade from...[Read More]

slip n slide kickball

Slip-n-Slide Kickball Must Be Your Next Summer Activity

Kickball is one outdoor activity that every kid has played, but what happens when you combine a slip-n-slide with kickball? The answer is pure epicness! Slip-n-slide kickball is exactly what it sounds...[Read More]

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Spikeball Rules

Spikeball Rules: How to play this exciting new game

If you haven’t had the chance to play Spikeball yet, you are missing out. The game is flat out amazing, portable, a good workout and can be played just about anywhere, take a look at the video below f...[Read More]

disc golf course disc golf scene

Picking the Perfect Disc Golf Course

Disc Golf (or frisbee golf, if you prefer) has the wonderful feature of being completely free to play, if you already have a frisbee and are willing to get creative. Deciding whether to play at a legi...[Read More]


Why MiniGolf is the Ultimate First Date

The first date can be tough. Picking the right activity is crucial. There are countless options, ranging from free to extremely expensive. In my opinion, there is one clear front runner in this field:...[Read More]

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Official Cornhole Rules

Official Cornhole Rules for Playing Against Friends, Family and Foes

There are several different ways to play cornhole, sometimes referred to as corn toss, bean bag toss or Baggo. I am going to show you three variations of the game, and help you pick the perfect style ...[Read More]

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