The Best & Funny Ultimate Team Names

Funny Ultimate Team Names

You may as well play just to use these team names

In its early days, ultimate’s appeal included its counter-culture roots. Its laid back attitude and insistence on self-refereeing and respect was the antithesis of increasingly competitive and aggressive professional sports. While ultimate’s growth has seen it move ever closer to the mainstream, some of these quirky elements have remained. Spirit of the Game, calls (post-match mini-games played between the two teams) and amusing or inappropriate team names are still commonplace. It is this last group I have the pleasure of introducing to you today – the rudest, punniest and overall top funny ultimate team names around. Without further ado…


Of course, puns are a key component of many a good name, and a classic starting place is with the humble disc. ‘Floppy discs’ deserves a mention for its self-deprecating humour, and the place of ‘Erectile discfunction’ in this great gallery needs no justification.

Game of Throws

Popular culture references always go down a treat. While slightly further from the original than ‘Game of throw-ins’ (for soccer teams), it is a more apt description of ultimate than its counterpart is of soccer, so bonus points for that.

Frizzee Rascals

A team I know personally, they more than live up to their billing with their drinking and party antics. Rascals indeed. Dizzee would be proud.

Pyramus and Frisbee

Obscure Ovid puns. Oh yeah. That’s how these players roll.


Believe it or not, this picture actually references a team without a dirty joke in its name. You’d never guess…

Hucking Fooligans

The ‘huck’, or long pass, is a sure fire winner to base your team names around. Especially when combined with f words to make F words. Shout out to Fairy Mother Huckers as well – the thought of some naïve kid vocally supporting them to his parents’ horror really tickles me. Even if you’re not going to go down the H and F swap route, there are still options – Huck Norris anybody?

Swings Both Ways

Another ultimate term with lewd connotations is the humble ‘swing’ – a pass made across the width of the pitch to change the angle of attack. And to conjure up images of sexual orientation, obviously. Any team referencing swingers and their parties should take a bow as well.

Seven Girls, One Cup

This is a fairly specialised entry, but if you happen to have an all-women’s, outdoor (thus 7 a side) team who play a zone defense utilising a cup (a line of defenders positioned near the disc rather than man-marking) than this has to be the name for you! Alternatively, mixed teams running an all-women cup could substitute in whatever number they utilise. Preferably two.

Muff ‘n Men

This was a fairly high level US mixed team, whose name has now sadly changed to preserve the integrity of the competition in the upper echelons of US ultimate. Great while it lasted though! Other teams names in a similar vein include Dix y Chix and Holes & Poles. Two of many great reasons to play mixed.

Nice Bristols

The last of our innuendo-based names, and in fact the last of this article, this will come across as innocuous, even friendly, to many. Those in the know will snigger, however, as ‘Bristols’ is short for ‘Bristol Cities’, itself Cockney rhyming slang for part of a woman’s anatomy I will leave you to work out. By the by, they’re a good-looking bunch, so fair play to them.

There you have it –some of the best funny ultimate team names in the business. I stuck mainly to puns and innuendos – there are also countless great names which are just plain weird, perhaps to be discussed at a later date.

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