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There are really only two types of volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Gym Volleyball. Although both are played pretty relatively similar, one far outweighs the other in its ability to be fun and it’s swag factor. As I’m sure you can infer from the title, Beach Volleyball reigns supreme. It is infinitely better than Gym Volleyball for a multitude of reasons. Here’s why you should absolutely choose beach volleyball over gym volleyball.

Gym Floors Suck

If  you have read my blogs before, you know I want you to go full hardo while playing recreational sports. You should be competitive to maximize the benefit of recreational sports. In order to do that, you need to put your body on the line to save a volleyball from hitting the ground. Sand is such a better surface to dive on than a gym floor. I know it’s self explanatory but this should factor into your decision to play beach volleyball. Laying full out for a ball in the sand, jumping back up covered in sand, and then blocking a spike looks nice as hell. Laying out for a volleyball in a gym, banging up your knees, writhing in pain, and needing to stop playing does not look nice as hell.



The Scenery

Another no-brainer, the scenery at a beach is vastly greater than the scenery at a gym. Why be surrounded by sweaty guys and girls and artificial light when you can be indulged in the warm sun, a clear sky, and the soothing sound of waves crashing against the beach. Sure, there will be a few little kids screaming but that’s just the beach and it far outweighs a grown man crying because his gym volleyball team lost. People go to the beach to stare out into its beauty, so why not play volleyball while enjoying that same view? I mean I can’t imagine anybody preferring the view at a gym over the view at a beach. If for some reason you disagree, well you’re just weird.

The Attire

Once again I will bring up that the better you look, the better you perform. If you have read my articles before, this may be repetitive so skip ahead. However, I will not stop speaking about it until I stop seeing people who look like morons while playing sports. The better you look, the more swagger you have, the better you are. Here’s where it ties into volleyball. The choices of acceptable clothing you can wear to a beach are far better than the options of clothing you have going to a gym. At a beach, you can rep a cool t-shirt, a flashy bathing suit, a backwards hat and ray-bans. At a gym, you can wear gym shorts and a plain t-shirt. Choose wisely.



The Babes

It’s all about the babes. It’s true and you know it. Why play volleyball in a gym when you can be surrounded by hot beach blonde girls in bikini’s watching you lay out in the sand to make a great save. I mean come on now. The girls on your team will be also looking mighty fine. Babes + Beach = Yes.



When I think of beach volleyball, I think of a group of young attractive mid-twenties people all with swimsuits and bikinis, having a great time. They are laying out for balls, engaged in a competitive game, having a lot of fun, and looking fantastic while doing it. When I think of gym volleyball, I think of a bunch of sweaty dudes and girls who are only there because they want to live up their high school volleyball days. The answer is simple, don’t be a buffoon. Play beach volleyball.

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