A Winner’s Guide To Softball Gear

Softball Gear

You can’t win softball games if you don’t have the basic skills. That said, you also can’t win softball games if you don’t have the right softball gear. Here is a good look at the softball gear you need, and what to look for in that gear.

1) Glove

The most important thing about a softball glove is that you pick the right type of glove for your position. A pitcher should get a pitcher’s glove, a catcher should use a catcher’s glove, and a first baseman should get a first baseman’s glove.

Pay attention to the adjustment on the glove. This comes down to preference. If you like Velcro straps, choose a glove with Velcro straps. You might prefer a buckle, or a D-ring. Get a glove with whatever you prefer.

Another important trait of a softball glove is the fit. It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. Make sure it feels comfortable and doesn’t go flying off when you move your hand.

The reason you wear a glove is to catch a ball, so it’s critical that you use a glove that opens and closes easily. Of course, gloves take time to break-in. So before you wear your brand new glove out to a game, spend some time to break it in. You can try putting a special oil on the glove, then putting it in the oven. Or, you can put a softball into the glove and keep it under your mattress overnight.

2) Sliders

You may think that wearing sliders is a little over the top, but sliders can prevent you from getting some nasty scratches when you slide into a base. When you buy a pair of sliders, make sure they have pads on the outside, and check that they fit tightly. Sliders without padding or with a loose fit won’t get the job done.

3) Softball Bat

Using the right type of softball bat can help you win games. The most important thing to look for is a bat that fits your league’s regulations. Depending on the type of league you play in, there may be different diameter requirements for a player’s bat. Make sure you choose a bat that isn’t against the rules.

Another important factor to look at is whether the bat is one piece or two-pieced. This refers to how the bat is made- a two-pieced bat has the exterior and an inner wall. A one-piece bat is stiff, more similar to a traditional bat. A two-piece bat is a little more flexible.

The last factor to consider is how you want your bat to be balanced. You can find balanced, end-loaded, or max-loaded bats. Each type of bat has a different feel, and it’s all personal preference.

4) Cleats

When you’re sprinting from base to base, it’s important to be wearing a good pair of cleats. Cleats aren’t interchangeable; football cleats and baseball cleats aren’t designed the same way softball cleats are designed. Only buy cleats that are made for softball.

You also need to be aware of the surface you are playing on. Different types of cleats work better on certain surfaces. Find a cleat that works on the field you will be playing on.

Just as with softball bats, some leagues have regulations on softball cleats. Choose a pair of cleats with spikes that are allowed under your league’s regulations. Other than that, make sure your cleats fit comfortably and that you can run well in them.

Softball Gear Can Win Games

You don’t want to drop that game-winning fly ball, or get a single when your team needs a double to win the game. Make sure you have the right softball gear to bring your team a victory.

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