5 Steps to Being a Good Golfer Without Taking Lessons

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Anyone who plays golf or wants to learn how to play golf all have one thing in common: they want to be good at it. Golf is one sport that doesn’t look too difficult, but it’s a lot harder to play than it seems. Just ask anyone who’s swung a club before.

Now, if you don’t have any experience at all playing golf, then you are already a step ahead of a lot of people who are trying to improve. The reason is because you haven’t developed bad habits yet. You could take lessons from a professional, but that is going to cost a lot of money over the course of several weeks and months.

There are professional golfers who have never taken a lesson before. They are all self-taught. So if they can do it, then why can’t you? Here are some steps to take to become the best golfer you can be without spending money on lessons.

1. Lift Weights to Become a Good Golfer

You may not consider golfers to be athletes, and if that is you, then you are completely mistaken. The technology in golf clubs makes it easier to hit the ball farther nowadays, but golfers generally spend a lot of time lifting weights to gain their strength. You can either go to the gym or get some free weights for your house. Whichever way you decide to go, building up muscle in your arms and legs will help you have more control of your swing, and give you more power as a result.

2. Run/Jog

Professional golfers have to walk every time they play. If you just play recreationally, then you probably use a cart most of the time. Either way, you need to get some cardio in. Even if you ride in a cart, you’re going to start wearing down after around the 14th hole. You don’t realize how much swinging a club drains you of energy. The better shape you are in, the better chance you will have of putting together a solid round instead of fizzling out in the end.

3. Go to a Driving Range

The driving range should be your best friend. The golf course itself is not the place to practice and craft your game. Get a bucket of 100+ balls and just swing. The good thing about the driving range is that you don’t have to get frustrated after a bad shot. In fact, bad shots on the range give you the opportunity to work on what went wrong. If hitting the driving range every day doesn’t fit within your budget, then consider investing in a net that you can set up in your backyard. You won’t get the pleasure of seeing the trajectory of the ball as much, but you will develop a better sense of what feels right in your swing.

4. Its Good to Practice Every Day

There are many phases to the game of golf, and all of them are equally as important. It doesn’t matter how far you hit the ball if you can’t putt well. The best part about chipping and putting is that you can do them in your backyard or even indoors. Set up a bucket a few yards away and chip balls to it until you make them all in. You can also set up targets inside your home, especially if you have carpet, and putt toward them. No matter if it’s rainy, cold or too hot, you can always find a way to practice one aspect of the game.

5. Understand the Process

No one is going to be good at golf right away. I’m a firm believer in beginner’s luck, but in golf, that luck will fade away quickly. You have to understand that developing your golfing skills take time. Some days you will putt well, other days you will hit your irons well. It’s tough to put together all phases of the game at one time. That’s why the game can be so frustrating. But as long as you spend more time practicing than you do actually playing on the course, your results are going to be a lot better over time.

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