2016 World Ultimate Championships – Why You Should Be Watching


We posted recently about the history of ultimate as a sport: its origins, growth and where it might be headed in the future. Well the biggest tournament in ultimate is just around the corner and is set to be the largest, most popular ultimate event in history: the World Ultimate & Guts Championships (WUGC) 2016. The world championships of ultimate is a quadrennial event and was last held in Sakai, Japan in 2012 where the USA, Japan and Canada took home the Men’s, Women’s and Mixed titles respectively.

There was an attempt at live-streaming and a smattering of fully commentated matches are available for free online (check out NGN’s YouTube channel) but all-in-all, the appetites of those at home were barely sated by the latent result updates and occasional tweet. For anyone worried about missing out this summer, you needn’t bother: the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has run an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign and sourced enough funds to produce “broadcasts at a world-class calibre of which we can all be proud” which will be live-streamed across the globe at absolutely no cost to viewers.

Let that sink in.

Ultimate – that little sport for the non-athletes at university – is hitting the world stage with six live matches a day (more than many mainstream sports will show), maintained online so you can watch at home after work and many additional extras besides. As if that’s not enough, the mixed finals will be broadcast live on CBS Sports in the states.

Ultimate. On TV.

For ultimate players this is an incredible compliment to our sport and well-earned recognition for the world-class athletes playing the game. It’s even bigger for those you don’t play: you get to discover, watch and fall in love with ultimate in full HD from London this summer.

Whether you’re a 15-year veteran of the game, or an ultimate-noob who found their way to this article by mistake I have to make the same recommendation: find the information on WFDF’s kickstarter page about where the streams will be hosted, park yourself down with a beer, ginger ale or a cup of tea and enjoy the greatest sport on Earth, better than it’s ever been seen before.

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